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'I had a wonderful time studying English with Milan in 2017. I have not forgotten his name. He is a great teacher who always respects all students and encourages good performance. Significantly, he is one of the factors that made me successful in my English language examination for admission to a Master's degree in Luxury Brand Management in the UK. I am so delighted that I had the opportunity to study English with him'

Maple, Thailand

Social Media Influencer


'​​I have worked with Milan as my editor on a number of projects and he never ceases to amaze and impress me. As a professional writer myself, I need someone with incredible attention to detail and a strong grasp of formal and colloquial language to edit my work. Milan goes the extra mile every time - he makes sure to understand my audience, provide detailed feedback, and find even the most minute error. He is extremely attentive - he picks up on things I would never have noticed myself. Milan is always quick to turn work over, which is great for me because I'm often working to tight deadlines. After working with Milan there is nobody I would trust more to edit my work! He is truly talented and I will continue to utilise his services. He is a huge asset to me and my clients.'


Emily Brouwer

Creative Director

Inkled Digital Strategists

'His speaking classes are memorable and a lot of fun. I love his teaching style. I'm glad to know him.'

DJ Arkadian, Armenia

Electronic artist


'I had the pleasure of having Milan as my English teacher in 2018. Not only does he have an incredibly humorous personality but he also gave us a wide variety of tasks which made his lessons very effective. This and the fact that he gave me individual exercises, to get me working on my mistakes, improved my language skills a lot. Most importantly, he takes student feedback seriously and constantly adjusts his lessons to meet the interests of the students. I had a fantastic time being his student and I always look back on it with a smile on my face.'

Jannik, Germany

University student

I think he is most energetic teacher that I've ever had. 

- Koki, Japan

I had a great time and I learned so much. The best teacher ever.

- Thomas, France

He's a super cool teacher. His style of teaching brings a class to life. 

- Pat, Thailand

I wish I could have spent more time learning English with him. What a creative, funny, energetic, crazy teacher! I had an amazing time with him.

- Yesi, Indonesia

'He changed what a normal English class would be into something extraordinary.  I will never forget his hilarious, creative lessons.'

- Ricardo, Colombia

He used a lot of interesting and different kind of methods to teach English. It’s impossible to get bored when you're learning with him.

- Lucas ,Chile

'I had a great time learning with Milan. He is the kind of teacher every student would wish to have.'

- Orane, Belgium

'Grammar can be tough to practice but it is fun when you learn it from a fun person like Milan.'

- Johanna, Germany