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Skills, strategy and content-training for high-stakes tests like IELTS

Increase confidence, fluency and accuracy

Turn out flawless writing for university

Perfect your job application documents & interview skills

Learn by doing, with a task-based lesson in the real world


One hour lessons suitable for students studying for examinations such as IELTS or other high-stakes language tests.


I have considerable experience in test-training for tertiary pathways students in New Zealand and overseas. One-to-one training is extremely effective for students wishing to pass tests such as IELTS. In these lessons, I integrate skills-training and strategy-based instruction to address where exactly you need to improve, giving you the best possible chance of achieving your desired band level.

Lessons consist mainly of textbook-based instruction in reading, writing, listening and speaking but may include mock tests, vocabulary-building exercises and strategy instruction depending on students' current abilities and band level goals. For IELTS lesson students, I also assess any writing you do outside of our session time and provide personalised and detailed feedback completely free of charge. 


general english

Improve your general communicative skills 

General lessons are suitable for anybody who wants a qualified, experienced teacher to help them reach a new level of communicative ability. What we do together is entirely up to you! I'll use your preference for setting and content to design a lesson that is interesting and engaging, and exactly what you’re looking for. 

I have a range of textbooks and printed learning material if that’s how you would like to learn. I also have original, authentic materials that I’ve made over the years from television interviews, songs, audio recordings of conversations with friends etc. 

Lessons are relaxed and enjoyable, but also productive and focused. I always notice problems with your pronunciation and grammar during the lesson, and at the end of our time together, you may receive detailed feedback if you wish.



​Lessons suitable for undergraduate and graduate students who need help writing, researching or constructing academic work.


I am here to help you produce essays and assignments that express your ideas clearly and without grammatical errors. Before an academic writing session I ask that students send me their essay question, notes, draft essay, research and/or feedback from their professor so that I can familiarise myself all the materials, the subject and the stylistic conventions of the field. As well as helping you with academic vocabulary and grammatical construction, I want to make sure the ideas are structured well, and your argument flows clearly and logically. 

Prior to becoming a language teacher I worked as a teaching assistant at Victoria University for a number of years, tutoring undergraduate Religious Studies students in a range of courses. The role included demonstrating and assessing academic writing for students within the program. See examples of some of my own academic writing here, and a letter of recommendation by a former professor here



For students wishing to gain confidence and basic skills when looking for work in New Zealand. One-to-one sessions with a tutor can also help you move into positions of greater responsibility within your industry. 

I can write your cover letter, or proof-read and edit your pre-existing one to include appropriate language for response to the job advertisement. I am also available for CV writing and proof-reading and editing, to make sure your job application documents are grammatically flawless. If you do not have a pre-existing CV (in English or your first language), I suggest we have a 30 minute phone or Skype/Zoom consultation. This will ensure your CV accurately represents your life history, talents and skills. 

If you've already secured a job interview and wish to practice interview techniques, contact me for a 1 hour session where we can discuss job interview questions, how to make a good first impression, practice mock interviews, and learn strategies for overcoming any difficulties you may encounter in your interview. 



Tailor-made experiential and task-based lessons available for students who learn best outside a classroom, with the close guidance of a teacher.

In these lessons we learn by doing together and there really is no set formula. Just as learning is an adventure, so too are these lessons, which are usually designed to meet a students' need.

In the past I have helped students:

- pronounce English body parts for pilates instruction, involving us simulating a class

- rehearse dialogue for a play and improve American pronunciation

- make written enquiries to a real estate agent about buying a house, and follow up with a phone call

- open a bank account


- enquire about courses in person at university, and support them through the enrolment process.