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Look forward to

Look forward to is a phrasal verb used to express excitement or anticipation that something is going to happen.

It is usually followed by verb + ing:

e.g. I’m looking forward to going on holiday this weekend.

It is often found at the end of formal written communication, and in this case is commonly followed by a noun phrase:

e.g. I look forward to your reply


You can use this phrasal verb to express this idea of pleasant anticipation in a variety of tenses:

  • I look forward to the price of avocados going down.

  • Are you looking forward to Murray's mid-winter Christmas lunch?

  • He looked forward to his boss getting a new job.

  • Anna's been looking forward to drinking a box of wine all day. 

  • He had been looking forward to the new season of Game of Thrones for two years, until he stupidly read all the spoilers one night while drunk.