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About Milan

I am based in Wellington New Zealand, where I provide personalised one-to-one lessons for second-language clients. There's no place like New Zealand, where the whole landscape is our classroom. I'm a Trinity College-certified language instructor and have over 10 years teaching experience working with mainly adult students of all ability levels, nationalities and ages. I've lived and worked in Australia, South Korea and most recently, China. In my spare time I run an organic community garden. 

I've spent a long time developing materials and delivering lessons, primarily for language acquisition. Now I'm expanding onto digital media platforms, focusing on the advantages of digital media for language instruction and community-building, and working on some interesting projects (below) . 

Selection of Academic Work

My Latest Projects

I'm fortunate enough to be an organiser at a community garden. This allows my students access to a space where they can freely play and 'learn by doing' in a way that benefits their learning style while fostering awareness of ecological interconnectedness. Trips to the garden in the past have focused on identifying local and foreign species of flora, and 'storytelling' or sharing knowledge or memories about herbs and vegetables. 

This is a web-series where I take the learner on a tour of paintings around my parents' home. Each episode is approximately 1 minute long and is accompanied by four questions requiring the learner to listen for specific information. Connected speech features such as ellipsis present a challenge for the language learner. I am talking at a natural pace, as the series is pitched at students at an intermediate (B1) level. Native English speakers have reported enjoying these videos for their quirkiness. 

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